Brumunddal AND Hamar


The city of Brumunddal is in rapid development.  The city has been modernized in the past few years with, among other things a pedestrian-only street, a new shopping mall, bakeries, restaurants etc. New commercial buildings are raised, and old buildings are restored. The municipality will renovate and decorate roads and squares. Brumunddal was previously known as the home of several industrial giants like Langmoen, Hymas and Globus. Now the food industry is in the mainstay and adds many jobs to the municipality. Both Tine and Gilde-Nortura have their main facilities for Inner Eastern Norway in and near Brumunddal. Other major players are Asko and Stabburet.


has also had a very good transformation of the cityscape in recent years. Hamar is a nice, medium-sized town, with a generous selection of activities. The city is a solid sports town, with the Viking Ship spectacular ice skating hall, the HamKam football team, Storhamar Dragons hockey team, Storhamar Handball etc.


Companies flourish in and around these cities, with IKEA as one of the greats.

Sjusjøen og Ringsakerfjellet MOUNTAIN

Ringsaker is a major area for cottage and active winter leisure life in Norway, with the Sjusjoen area as the most important. The Birkebeinerrennet Cross Country Ski Race has long made the area known as one of the country's best cross country ski destinations. This position has been further strengthened in recent years with the world cup biathlon and cross-country skiing at Natrudstilen. There are also fantastic opportunities for downhill skiing and other snow activities. The area is also a great starting point for mountain hiking and biking tours in the summer. Lake Sjusjøen is about 35-40 minutes drive away from Mjøsa F&F.




Lillehammer AND Gjøvik


has had a positive development in the years after the 1994 Olympics. With one of the finest pedestrian-only shopping streets in Norway, Lillehammer is a popular destination for both Norwegian and foreign tourists. Lillehammer has made it’s mark in the film world with a number of projects, not least the international success series Lilyhammer.



A business engine  among the seaside towns, with a number of larger companies. Gjøvik has a vibrant center, with the Gjøvik Farm as a key area. The farm has had an important role in Gjøvik's history, and  is now part of a museum, see . In the summertime there are actors playing. Going to the museum park is a popular activity for young and old.